When Chowhound escargot3 learned that a friend had been diagnosed with sulfite sensitivity, the hunt began for wine shops featuring low-sulfite wines.

In a recent Chowhound discussion, wineguy7 pointed out that natural wine boutique Terroir should be on any sulfite-free shopping trip. Robert Lauriston suggested Oakland’s The Punchdown. But maria lorraine wondered if the hunt itself might be a wild goose chase. She posted a few links to stories suggesting that few who blame sulfites for bad wine reactions have targeted the correct source. If you’re able to consume sulfite-laden dried fruits or luncheon meats, sulfites in wine may not be your problem.

Terroir [SOMA]
1116 Folsom Street, San Francisco

The Punchdown [East Bay]
2212 Broadway, Oakland

Discuss: Where can I find low-sulfite wine?

Photo from The Punchdown / Facebook

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