There are lots of ways to jazz up standard peach cobbler. In a recent Home Cooking discussion, Chowhounds suggested boosting the flavor by adding spices to the filling (cardamom and ginger are favorites), or combining the peaches with berries or cherries. A bit of almond extract in the filling or topping is another popular addition.

Then there’s greygarious, who spoons sweetened cream cheese mixed with a bit of flour around the filling before baking, for a peaches-and-cream cobbler. And letsindulge is a fan of this Pinwheel Peach Cobbler, which has a cinnamon-roll-style biscuit topping. To make it “even more decadent,” letsindulge gilds the top with cream cheese icing.

Put your own spin on CHOW’s Easy Peach Cobbler (pictured).

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