rworange has been conducting first-hand research into the various pumpkin and seasonal-flavored ice creams around the area. (She even took down a Jack-in-the-Box pumpkin milkshake, in the name of science.) She has a winner, and it’s Fairfax Scoop. The lavors are true and intense, the texture is perfect, the prices are fair, and they make their own waffle cones. Green Gulch pumpkin ice cream has the most true, pure, fresh pumpkin flavor, with unbelievably perfect spicing. Try it with a scoop of Brown Sugar Pecan, which tastes exactly as it sounds.

Honorable mention goes to Three Twins Ice Cream, which serves Japanese pumpkin pie ice cream, nicely spiced with pieces of Japanese pumpkin. It’s dense, not too sweet, full of flavor. They also serve butternut squash ice cream, which has no discernable spice and basically tastes like butternut squash. Kugel ice cream and cranberry ice cream are also available.

Sketch Ice Cream gets another honorable mention for its tart, smooth, spiced apple sorbet, and for pear ice cream with great texture and delicate pear flavor. No word on their pumpkin ice cream yet–it comes out around Halloween.

Fairfax Scoop [Marin County]
63 Broadway Blvd., Fairfax

Three Twins Ice Cream [Marin County]
641 Del Ganado Road., San Rafael, CA

Sketch [East Bay]
1809A Fourth St.Berkeley

Board Links
Fairfax Scoop – Green Gulch pure pumpkin pleasure
Berkeley–Sketch–super apple spice sorbet & fig cakes
San Rafael–Three Twins Ice Cream – Japanese pumpkin pie, butternut squash, kugel & possibly cranberry

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