CHOW’s four-month-old Special Diets board is a place for Chowhounds with dietary restrictions to exchange tips—like what happens if you love pesto or Alfredo sauce but are on a diet that limits carbohydrates? Are there any decent low-carb noodles or pasta substitutes out there?

One option, sedimental says in a recent thread, is to seek out tofu shirataki noodles. Tofu noodles are very close to “real” noodles, mcf says, and are naturally low in carbohydrates.

Another option is to substitute noodles with vegetables of the appropriate shape and texture, likewise cooked al dente—they can be very effective sauce-delivery vehicles. For instance, mcf likes the meatiness of skinny, noodle-shaped slices of eggplant, drained and sautéed, especially with any kind of cream sauce. Cooked string beans also hold sauce nearly as well as pasta does; fldhkybnva suggests swapping out mushrooms for penne.

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Photo of tofu shirataki noodle pad thai by KitchenBarbarian

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