The crisp, slightly chewy sambusas and airy injera at San Jose’s Walia impressed alopatenko, according to a recent Chowhound discussion thread. What other East African places on the Peninsula and in the South Bay do Chowhounds like?

Ghion has the boldest flavors, says Radical347, who notes that the spicy doro wat (chicken) balances the injera. The wait can be long, but that’s just the sign of a kitchen that focuses on details.

fakebunny admires Café Rehoboth‘s commitment to organic ingredients. Everything here is good, though fakebunny sticks with the tried-and-true kifto and vegetarian combination.

Walia [South Bay]
2208 Business Circle, San Jose

Ghion [South Bay]
1015 Park Avenue, San Jose

Café Rehoboth [South Bay]
655 North 6th Street, San Jose

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Photo of injera by Flickr member BrownGuacamole under Creative Commons

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