At least in the press and online, school lunch continues to be a battleground in the war against obesity. But some people may be confused about which side they’re on. In the U.S., healthy school lunches are still treated with reverence, while junk foods are roundly condemned.

But in Great Britain, a couple of mums who are fed up with Jamie Oliver’s healthy lunch hegemony have taking to shoving (presumably) greasy fish and chips through the local school’s chain link fence at lunchtime.

They’re not trying to fatten their kids like steers to the slaughter, however. Instead, they’re protesting the school lunch prices (as much as twice what a “takeaway” can cost) and lack of kid appeal. Oliver, who’s been an activist for healthy school lunches in Great Britain (and possibly here in the future) for more than a year, may have brought some of this on himself.

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