Fresh apricots are a fleeting summer pleasure, so take advantage of the season’s end with desserts that show off their tangy-sweet flavor, Chowhounds say in a recent Home Cooking discussion thread. HillJ recommends these apricot cheesecake bars. magiesmom likes this apricot crisp for being “not very sweet.”

chefathome halves apricots and fills the cavities with nougat, then grills them until the filling is “nice and gooey.” The result: sublime. Father Kitchen calls Marcella Hazan’s apricot cream “wonderful”—it would be good as the filling for a meringue pie. Or use CHOW’s apricot meringue pie recipe (pictured). And if you’d like a way to preserve your apricots, CHOW’s Honey and Apricot Fruit Leather doesn’t require a dehydrator.

Discuss: Loads of apricots!

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