Is it a mistake to order fish at a barbecue joint? According to a recent Chowhound discussion thread, not at SoulFire in Allston. The fried catfish is the best that jira‘s ever had, with a thin, crisp coating and zero muddy flavor. Nab agrees, citing “a minor fried fish epiphany” following a recent visit. After jira’s party told the server how much they liked the fish, she acknowledged that it’s not ordered very often, but clearly someone in the kitchen knows what they’re doing with a deep-fryer. That includes the fried mac and cheese, which jira reports had “the thinnest of coating.” And Nab and jira both think SoulFire’s coleslaw, potato salad, and chili are all winners. Only thing that might need improving: the lack of air conditioning.

SoulFire Barbeque [Allston]
182 Harvard Avenue, Allston

Discuss: Would you order fried fish in a BBQ restaurant?

Photo of SoulFire’s catfish by Nab

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