Most Chowhounds really enjoy Hui Tou Xiang’s dumpling-centric menu. Almost everybody loves hui tou pork dumplings, which are nice and crisp on the flat side, oniontears says, with a juicy filling featuring good pork flavor. The xiao long bao (soup dumplings) are also excellent, even if oniontears thinks the thin top skin is a tad tough.

Leek pancakes are full of leeks and cellophane noodles, oniontears says. Other reliable orders are crab xiao long bao, pan-fried leek and egg dumplings, and fish dumplings—but only get these last ones if you like Chinese leeks, PandanExpress warns. The pork hock is also truly excellent, dreamcast18 says.

The dissenting opinion: TonyC thinks that Hui Tou Xiang is ludicrously bad, and expensive: “The audacity of its pricing makes me wonder if they were drunk on Moutai when the menu was written.” Ouch.

Hui Tou Xiang [San Gabriel Valley]
704 West Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel

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Photograph of hui tou pork dumplings from Hui Tou Xiang

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