ramen waffle breakfast sandwich recipe
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The basic fried egg sandwich is a great dish in its simplicity. But we can’t help tweaking, hacking, and upgrading everything, at least some of the time. Hence, these over-the-top, brand-new breakfast sandwich recipes.

You’ll find even more on muffins and rolls in our essential breakfast sandwich recipe collection, but here, we’re highlighting some less expected options.

Eggs Benedict, waffles, and omelets all get tuned into something new and exciting—and they’re not just for breakfast, of course. Who can resist eggs for dinner, after all, or any time of day?

1. Savory Cheddar Waffle BLET

savory cheddar waffle breakfast BLT recipe with egg


A cheesy waffle is great as a base for anything, from fried chicken to leftover chili. But two cheesy waffles are the perfect thing to hold the usual BLT suspects (ripe tomato, fresh lettuce, and crisp bacon) plus a perfect fried egg, for a sandwich extraordinaire. Get our Savory Breakfast Waffle BLT with Egg recipe.

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2. Egg-in-a-Nest Benedict Sandwich

eggs in a nest egg Benedict breakfast sandwich recipe


Eggs Benedict seems decidedly less fancy and fussy when you turn it into a handheld breakfast sandwich—but just as delicious as ever. An easy blender hollandaise means there’s nothing really complicated about it. Get our Egg-in-a-Nest Benedict Sandwich recipe.

3. Ramen Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

ramen waffle breakfast sandwich recipe


You can use your waffle maker for a lot more than the namesake breakfast staple, and maybe you’ve tried waffled brownies and waffled grilled cheese. But have you waffled ramen noodles into crisp bread replacements and filled them with bacon, egg, and melty cheese? We didn’t think so. Get our Ramen Waffle Breakfast Sandwich recipe.

4. Breakfast Rice Cakes with Chinese Sausage

Breakfast Rice Cakes with Chinese Sausage recipe


Semantics aside, this is perfectly analogous to an open-face sandwich, so we’re including it here. Also, the combo of crisp-edged rice cake, salty-sweet Chinese sausage, and a runny-yolked egg is too amazing not to spread the word whenever we can. Get our Chinese Sausage Breakfast Rice Cake recipe.

5. Bread Omelet (a.k.a., Inside-Out Egg Sandwich)

Turn your breakfast sandwich inside out with this one-pan wonder inspired by a classic Indian street food. Our senior video producer Guillermo tried a traditional version with chiles, tomato, and onion, and a bodega-inspired egg-bacon-cheese combo, but you can easily invent your own spins. Get our Bread Omelet recipe.

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