Fresh summer corn is wonderful in salads and sautés, but slicing it off the cob can send kernels flying. Chowhounds use a variety of techniques and tools to accomplish the task without making a mess. valerie cuts corn into a bowl using the method shown in this CHOW Tip video and loses “very few kernels.” randyji props up the ears in the center of a tube pan, and uses an electric knife to strip the kernels, which fall right into the pan.

Several hounds are fans of the OXO Corn Stripper, which scrapes kernels and milk from the cob and collects them in a closed container with “[no] mess, no fuss, no spray,” gingershelley says. ricepad uses a v-slicer, and says it’s “MUCH easier than using a knife.” Others simply lay an ear of corn flat on a cutting board and slice the kernels off holding the knife horizontally, then rotate the cob and repeat. Using this method, “I lose very little and I don’t have anything extra to wash!” katecm says.

Need kitchen inspiration? Check out CHOW’s recipes for fresh summer corn.

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Photograph of Fresh Corn and Tomato Salad by Chris Rochelle /

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