With its steep cobblestone streets and beautiful brick houses, Beacon Hill offers a nice change of pace from nearby downtown. Restaurants here tend not to be trendy or widely touted, but there’s no shortage of cozy and comfortable fine dining. Here are some Beacon Hill recommendations:

Beacon Hill Bistro [Beacon Hill]
25 Charles Street, Boston
Located inside the Beacon Hill Hotel, ebaba says it’s “small but lively” and great for solo diners.

Lala Rokh [Beacon Hill]
97 Mount Vernon Street, Boston
Owned by a brother and sister, this Persian restaurant has reasonable prices for the neighborhood, hotoynoodle says.

Pierrot Bistrot Français [Beacon Hill]
272 Cambridge Street, Boston
A “nice little spot” for those who like traditional French; food can be on the heavy side.

75 Chestnut [Beacon Hill]
75 Chestnut Street, Boston
A friendly and low-key bar, and delicious seafood stew, reports ChristianW.

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Photograph from Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro / Facebook

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