Steamed edamame in the pod are a healthful snack that you can season lots of ways. HillJ likes to steam them with a bit of malt vinegar, or toss them with cumin and salt. In Taiwan they’re commonly seasoned with five-spice powder, tastesgoodwhatisit says.

BigSal toasts Korean seaweed with sesame oil and salt to crisp it, then pulverizes it in a spice grinder to toss with warm edamame and additional salt to taste. janniecooks re-creates the “quite tasty” version from Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion by blending 8 parts kosher salt, 4 parts shichimi togarashi, and 1 part granulated sugar; toss 1 tablespoon of the blend with 1/2 pound cooked edamame.

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Photograph by Flickr member joyosity under Creative Commons

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