Sunrise Restaurant in Dorchester is a worthwhile destination for Vietnamese food, Nab says. “It has a distinctly homey, family, Sunday-gravy kinda vibe to it.” Nab thinks the breakfast is worth checking out for the excellent chao (rice porridge). And for lunch or dinner, the ca kho to (caramelized catfish in claypot, pictured) is great: lots of black pepper, and a “silky sauce” that’s not too salty or sweet.

Like another Dorchester favorite, Pho 2000, Sunrise has a huge menu, so it’s hard to nail down exactly which dishes are best overall. “I’ll probably never figure it out,” Nab says. “But I’m enjoying the ride.”

Sunrise Restaurant [Dorchester]
1157 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester

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Photograph by Nab

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