maabso grew up with—and still loves—the Middle Eastern dish kibbe nayyeh, spiced raw ground beef mixed with bulgur. “It is spread out onto a large platter, drizzled with olive oil, and you go to town on it with pita bread,” maabso says. pinehurst has had versions made from both beef and lamb, and thought they were delicious, served with a refreshing side of onions and cucumbers in mint vinaigrette.

scubadoo97 was fed kibbe nayyeh as a baby and still loves it. To make it, start with a whole piece of meat, sanitize the exterior with a spritz of white vinegar and a water rinse, then mince it yourself to ensure it’s completely hygienic. Caroline1 prefers knife-minced meat to machine-ground. “Raw kibbe made with ground lamb is … like eating mashed beluga caviar with all of the eggs already ruptured. It ain’t the same!” she says.

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Image source: Kibbe nayyeh image by Flickr member TheHungryDudes under Creative Commons

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