Norma’s brings first-rate baked goods and a decent cup of coffee to a corner of Queens that could use them. Glendale is hungry loves the Crazy Cookie, a recent invention at this friendly month-old shop. Sweet, tangy, chewy, and luscious, it’s loaded with dried fruit (apples, apricots, pears, cherries, and more) and beautifully caramelized at the edges. Glendale thinks it might just be the best thing on a long list of winners, savory as well as sweet: mushroom-cheddar biscuits, cupcakes, cranberry-lemon shortbread cookies, ham and cheese turnovers, coconut macaroons stuffed with chocolate-covered almonds, and chocolate-oatmeal cookies with chips and cinnamon (“like chewy Mexican hot chocolate,” Glendale says).

Norma’s [Ridgewood]
59-02 Catalpa Avenue (at Forest Avenue), Ridgewood, Queens

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