Bergamot, the successor to EVOO in Somerville, has been a Chowhound favorite since it opened in 2010. But recent reports queston the portion sizes.

fantundo ordered a “very tasty” flank steak, which came only with a small vegetable side—no carb to round out the meal. A friend’s scallop and pasta dish looked like an appetizer-sized serving at most restaurants, and came with only four medium-sized scallops.

opinionatedchef also thought most portions were too small, particularly the “wisp of a beet salad” that proved to be a less than satisfying appetizer. Bob Dobalina thought the portion size of a grilled Vietnamese-style flank steak was fine, but called a dessert consisting of three inch-high cubes of poppy-seed cake “truly Lilliputian.”

“The sad thing is that the food itself [is] delicious,” fantundo says, but not enough “to warrant those prices,” according to opinionatedchef. Bob Dobalina agrees: “Make no mistake—we really enjoyed the meal. [But] the price point is just a titch too high to warrant regular visits.”

Bergamot [Somerville]
118 Beacon Street, Somerville

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