Porthos says that Beverly Hills’ best deal is at LQ@Barneys, where a stellar multicourse meal costs $50 per person. (A five-glass wine pairing is $25, making that the second-best deal in town.)

Highlights of Porthos’s meal included a chilled corn chowder so good that diners were scraping every last trace from their bowls. Rabbit tartare was very refined—the addition of purple shiso gel really made the flavors pop. And chocolate muffins with chicken liver mousse were an instant classic. “Chef LQ could make a killing just selling these alone,” Porthos says.

LQ@Barneys [Beverly Hills]
Barney Greengrass, 9570 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills

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Photograph of LQ@Barneys Lamb Loin “Parmentier” by Porthos

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