Tired of the recent wave of hard-core pork-bomb ramen? Check out Ramen Iroha, the new SoCal branch of famed Japanese chain Menya Iroha, which uses a lighter chicken stock. The place has only been open a month, and lines are already starting to form, Johnny L says.

bulavinaka ate at a Menya Iroha in a Kyoto train station and says the black ramen (also on the LA menu) is quite interesting. It has a light shoyu flavor and a slight, lingering bitterness (probably from the black soy beans and a heavy dose of black pepper). Despite the dark color, the broth tastes light.

Ramen Iroha [South Bay]
1740 W. Artesia Boulevard, Gardena
No phone available

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Photograph of Ramen Iroha ramen by Johnny L

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