Besides having great Korean food, Koreatown has incredible Central American and even Oaxacan food, sku says. Now there’s good Italian food, thanks to All’Angolo Pizza and Pasta. Ignore that reference to pizza in the name—sku says the thing to order here is the fresh, perfectly cooked pasta. The highlight: strozzapreti alla trentina, twisted pasta served in a cream sauce with prosciutto and radicchio. “The combination of the meat, the slightly bitter lettuce, and the cream in every bite of toothsome, hand rolled pasta is one of those perfectly balanced bites,” sku says.

A special of tortellini stuffed with rich ground veal, served in a sage and butter sauce, was very enjoyable. Even sku’s daughter’s spaghetti with meatballs turned out to be quite good, with thick, perfectly al dente noodles and a rich tomato-cream sauce.

All’Angolo Pizza and Pasta
4050 W. Third Street,
 Los Angeles

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