July marks the launch of something new on Chowhound: the San Francisco Bay Area Dish of the Month, which we hope becomes a regular feature. The idea is to nominate and then vote for a dish or specific food category for the month, and then collectively sample as many versions as possible, scouting out new places and revisiting old ones. Sort of like the Cookbook of the Month feature on the Home Cooking board, each Dish of the Month will start with a nomination thread; then there’ll be a second thread for voting, and a third announcing the winner. After the recent vote, July’s Dish of the Month is … Asian fried chicken!

Hounds are already reporting back on great finds, including karaage at Himawari in San Mateo, Korean fried chicken at FuseBOX in West Oakland, and yang nyum chicken at OB Town in North Oakland.

Everyone is welcome to participate. All you have to do is start eating, and then start posting! Let’s see how much Asian fried chicken (and how many hitherto unknown places) we can collectively try by the end of July!

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