So you find yourself in the heart of Marin County with a craving for sausages. Where do you go?

Gestalt Haus Fairfax is the obvious choice, according to Malcolm Ruthven, who recently updated his 2011 review of the Bolinas Road beer and sausage café. Last November he praised the pastrami and Swiss sandwich; this time around it was all about the sausage. His recent brat, which included sauerkraut and an array of condiments for only $5, was “large, probably 1/4 pound, firm, good snap, and good flavor.”

Malcolm noted that there’s an extensive list of beers, but that even for a nonbicyclist who wasn’t drinking, a visit was worthwhile.

Gestalt Haus Fairfax [North Bay]
28 Bolinas Road, Fairfax

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