A year after the levees failed in New Orleans, questions remain. Will the Ninth Ward ever be rebuilt? Is the city ready for the next storm? And can you still grab a good meal in NOLA?

Food and Wine clocks in with “The New Normal in New Orleans,” a great take that weaves together the stories of a Times-Picayune restaurant critic, a local vegetable and poultry farmer, and a pair of restaurateurs who were two days away from opening a lakeshore restaurant when the storm hit.

Houston Chronicle has a stack of reviews of fledgling New Orleans restaurants that had the tremendous stones to open up their doors after Katrina. And the Associated Press reports that while the city’s eateries are largely back on their feet, they’re lacking one crucial ingredient: customers.

So, maybe it’s time for all good Americans to book an exploratory post-Katrina eating vacation in New Orleans, heading for Arnaud’s and Cafe Du Monde and Antoine’s. Not only for the chefs and servers, but for the farmers and fisherpeople. And, of course, our own gullets. That’s good eats in the moral as well as the gustatory sense.

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