Craftsman & Wolves, pastry chef William Werner’s new shop, has dessert-lovers talking. After the collapse of Tell Tale Preserve Company, hounds longed for the whimsical and well-made baked goods Werner sold at Ferry Plaza and various pop-ups.

Early reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Of the salted caramel brownie, absc says, “I love that brownie in a way I have never loved a brownie before.” bluex tried a passion fruit–sesame croissant and the Devil Inside, a chocolate and toffee muffin filled with a sliver of foie gras (pictured). “Everything was really, really good,” bluex says.

Portions are on the small size, but rich flavors make that arguably more blessing than curse. Considering the diminishing size of the foie slice in teaser photos of the Devil Inside (compared to the one she purchased), Melanie Wong has a verdict: “very high quality, if low on foie gras.” She calls the smaller pastry size “a plus.”

Craftsman & Wolves [Mission District]
746 Valencia Street, San Francisco

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Photograph of the Devil Inside by Melanie Wong

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