Sea Salt, a sustainable seafood restaurant in Berkeley, recently added new lunch specials worth a look, Glencora says.

The additions include a spicy lamb pita sandwich, fish sausage with anchovy rémoulade, and a rock cod lavash wrap with grilled zucchini and hummus. Glencora’s friend liked the lavash, while Glencora shared what proved to be the highlight: a Laura Chenel goat cheese parfait, stacked with pink and purple beet carpaccio, and drizzled with citrus vinaigrette. “It was really tasty and a bit fancier than Sea Salt’s usual offerings,” Glencora says.

Another tip: The menu now lists slider combos—tuna, beef, or crab sliders paired with chowder or green salad—ranging from $9.50 to $15.

Sea Salt [East Bay]
2512 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley

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