The Continental in Saugus won’t win any awards for innovation. It’s like “going back 30 years in time,” albinoni says. “But, with the exception of the salads, the food is really good.”

The lobster pie had lots of claw meat—albinoni’s wife counted seven claws in her dish—and it was “exceptionally sweet and tender.” The baked stuffed lobster is a favorite of catsmeow, who also recommends the crab pie. The food is very basic, RichardinJP says, but always perfectly cooked.

Meals begin with complimentary appetizers, which on albinoni’s visit included chicken wings, mini spinach pies, and popovers. And while albinoni liked the free apps, ipsofatso didn’t. Besides, treb points out, these snacks aren’t really free: “If you compare their menu prices you’ll see that those apps are built into their entrée prices.”

The Continental Restaurant [North Shore]
266 Broadway, Route 1 North, Saugus

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