The newly-opened yakitori bar Sumika gets high marks from Melanie Wong for tasty, tender, soft, beautifully fried chicken. Momo (grilled chicken thigh) is soft-textured, very juicy and delicious, with caramelized bits at the grill marks. Pretty much every grilled chicken item available comes impregnated with the rich essence of chicken.

The fried chicken appetizer actually ends up being one of the best dishes, with subtle ginger and garlic flavors, a soft, greaseless crust, and ultra-juicy chunks of dark meat. Another stand-out is ochazuke (chicken risotto, $4)–soft-cooked rice topped with nori, big flakes of shaved bonito, scallions, pickled plum, and wasabi–which then has savory, intense chicken stock poured in from a teapot.

Dinner for two, including tax, tip, and a generous pour of Harushika sake is $54. It’s a new place and the staff recommends reservations.

Sumika Grill [Peninsula]
236 Central Plaza, Los Altos

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