Torta ahogada—literally, “drowned sandwich”—is a Guadalajara specialty: thick, crunchy bread stuffed with carnitas, submerged in a spicy chile de arbol sauce or milder tomato-based one. It can be hard to find outside Mexico, so goldangl95 was happy to find one in Mountain View at Los Jalapeños. “Well marinated and flavorful, with good spice choices,” goldangl95 says, noting its quality meat without any hard or chewy bits.

The torta ahogada isn’t available every day—it took ubetty two tries to score one. ubetty confirms that the crisp fried carnitas is very good and plentiful. The sauce was chock-full of chiles, but the baguettelike bread wasn’t robust enough to withstand the chile de arbol.

Another find: the shrimp cocktail, eight sweet prawns mixed with cubed avocado in an oniony tomato sauce. It’s one of the best ubetty has ever had. “The sauce was tangy with lime, but not too sour; it was perfectly balanced with no ingredient bullying the other.”

Los Jalapeños [South Bay]
820 E. El Camino Real, Mountain View

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