In an announcement sure to be ignored by purveyors and consumers of fine food everywhere, McDonald’s has announced that it may soon offer its breakfast menu all day long.

And while it’s easy for readers of The Art of Eating and Saveur to ignore this sort of news, that doesn’t make it any less earth shattering for the estimated 300 trillion Americans who depend on McDonald’s for at least one of their daily meals on a regular basis.

The extension of breakfast menu hours could have important implications for McDonald’s specifically and fast food in general; it was the aggressive relaunching and rebranding of McDonald’s breakfast offerings—anchored by stronger coffee and McGriddles—that put the fast-food purveyor back on the road to fiscal health in 2003. Anyone who counted the original fast-food giant out after Super Size Me had better start revising their predictions.

(McGriddles, for those not in the know, are actually very delicious, if you enjoy eating a greasy hockey puck for breakfast. Which is actually better than it sounds.)

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