Chowhounds go crazy for the classic Southern combo of shrimp and grits. jmcarthur8 loves it when the shrimp are poached in butter and the stone-ground grits are slow-cooked (extra points for adding Vidalia onions cooked in bacon fat).

fourunder likes shrimp and grits enhanced with peeled, chopped tomatoes. jinet12 didn’t even like grits until trying “phenomenal” barbecued shrimp over cheesy grits at a restaurant in South Carolina. tcamp likes shrimp and grits spiked with something spicy, like hot sauce or red pepper flakes. Isolda recently spent five days in Charleston and ordered shrimp and grits five times. “I had the same love affair with a cheese grits/fried green tomato/shrimp ‘stack’ that I ate at a restaurant in LA,” says mamachef, who would have ordered it at every meal if it’d been possible.

Check out this shrimp and grits recipe that Maxie’s Supper Club in Ithaca, New York, shared with CHOW.

Discuss: I love/hate grits. How do you feel about them?
Shrimp ‘n Grits, Hominy Grill, Charleston, SC

Photo of Hominy Grill’s shrimp and grits by minealone

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