Debate about Roy Choi’s rice-bowl joint, Chego, is still raging. Some think it serves disgusting glop over rice. “Horrendous,” says epop. “Everything greasy, heavy. No concept of beauty in the meal. Somehow I think the chef isn’t managing the place anymore and the cooks have taken over, slopping stuff together.” The flavor combos are bizarre and “pretentiously bold,” and the “texture is so obviously a gloppy mess,” ilysla says.

But Dommy, who defends Chego, suggests its haters suffer from “cultural/concept disconnect.”

“Growing up in a very diverse area, really the only thing that all my friends, Korean, Chinese/Taiwanese, Filipino, Samoan, had in common really was that we all had rice cookers at home and they were always full of rice,” Dommy says. “Rice would be the base of all the meals we would share with one another after school. … I taught them about rice and beans. They taught me about rice and kimchee.” There are other places to go for something refined and polished, Dommy points out. “When I want a pure comfort flavor bomb, I go to Chego.”

cdub agrees: “Exactly what I remembered from my childhood but amplified to new levels.”

Chego [Westside – Inland]
3300 Overland Avenue, Los Angeles

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