A flat white is a short, lattelike drink of espresso and milk, originally from Australia and New Zealand. What’s unique is the ratio: roughly equal parts milk and coffee (a double shot of espresso, typically, and with a bit less foam than in most lattes), Das Ubergeek says.

Despite popular misconceptions, a “flat white does have foam on top,” explains brucelee67, who adds that “steaming gives the milk a creamier flavor so it’s recommended … even when it’s just a little bit.” In most places, though, when you order a flat white, be prepared to get a foamless latte.

Where can you get a flat white in LA? Two Guns Espresso makes one. The owners are from New Zealand, and they’re at or near the top for South Bay coffee, ristretto says. And Handsome Coffee Roasters will pour a flat white, even though it’s not on the standard menu—you just have to ask.

Two Guns Espresso [Westside – Beaches]
350 N. Sepulveda Boulevard, Manhattan Beach

Handsome Coffee Roasters [Downtown]
582 Mateo Street, Los Angeles

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