The baguettes at La Toulousaine have an airy inner beauty, says HLing. She finds the crust a bit too thin, but “the flavor and texture of the crumb is IT.” This French-owned bakery and café opened in January in Manhattan Valley, not far from hound hangouts Absolute Bagels and Silver Moon Bakery, the latest in what rose water calls an emerging uptown “carb corridor.” HLing says La Toulousaine also makes noteworthy macarons, almond croissants, and savory-sweet croissants filled with Swiss cheese and Dijon mustard (earlier reports praise its napoleons, lemon meringue tarts, and blueberry muffins).

La Toulousaine [Manhattan Valley]
946 Amsterdam Avenue (near W. 107th Street), Manhattan

Discuss: walk home with a Baguette from La Toulousaine
cafe to sit and read for an hour near Columbia U?

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