All Mollie Stone’s markets are not the same, and the one in Greenbrae is exceptional, says rworange. They carry thirty types of butter and every type of yogurt you’ve ever seen, and some you haven’t. They also have a fantastic selection of Acme fish–including a smooth, luxurious-tasting whitefish salad. “It is the first time anywhere I’ve seen a brand name attached to a whitefish,” says rworange. They also have a great selection of Boar’s Head meats, not to mention Saag’s natural casing sausages and sausages from DiBrova. And the wine and liquor aisle is nothing short of astounding.

Mollie Stone’s [Marin County]
270 Bon Air Shopping Center, Greenbrae

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Greenbrae has a GREAT Mollie Stone which has wonderful Acme whitefish salad
All Mollie Stone’s are not the same … what’s MollieLand like for you?

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