Bread of Life is both a ministry and a bakery, helping new immigrants develop job skills learning to make Asian-fusion pastries sold in Oakland and San Francisco.

The menu includes a namesake bread stuffed with pork, chicken, or beef, as well as mini Chinese-style buns with familiar fillings (pineapple, barbecue pork, and hot dogs). gordon wing marveled at the lines when Bread of Life first appeared on an SF corner in Chinatown’s Portsmouth Square, and while he didn’t have a chance to buy anything, he noted that the organization sells box lunches at the Old Oakland Farmers’ Market.

zippo visited Bread of Life’s café on Eighth Street in Oakland, and liked both the warm and welcoming service and the fact that a barbecue pork bun was free of excess fat and gristle. The sausage bun was stuffed with Foster Farms turkey dogs, “a plus for those wanting an alternative to pork products and for those who prefer a name-brand filling.” Another plus: The buns come in convenient trays of three, priced from $1 to $1.25.

Bread of Life [East Bay]
580 Eighth Street, Oakland

Discussion: Lining up for Bread of Life @ Portsmouth Square

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