Supermarket broccoli can be boring, but fresh from the farm, broccoli’s worth celebrating in ways that bring out its flavor. Hounds are high on this garlicky broccoli salad. “I have made this four times in the past two weeks and it is divine!” raves lexuschef, who calls it “very versatile and addictive—there will always be a batch of some sort in our fridge.” Buttermilk dressing, almonds, and dried cranberries grace this slaw, which magiesmom eats “by the gallon.”

Crisp-tender broccoli is a thing of the past for mariacarmen, who says she now follows Marcella Hazan’s method of steaming the vegetable until it cuts with a fork. “[I]t gets so much sweeter and more mellow as it gets softer … and the stalks taste almost like artichoke hearts,” she says. mariacarmen dresses her tender broccoli with extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, and pepper or, if she’s feeling fancy, with homemade garlicky mayo. And if you want to go all out, “deep fried broccoli is fantastic!” says tzakiel, who likes it with a beer batter.

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