The rhizome turmeric is touted for its many health benefits. And while many cooks are familiar with the dried, powdered version frequently used in Indian cooking, few have ever used the roots fresh. Fresh turmeric has a much subtler flavor than dried, says kitchenprof, who grates it and adds it to meatballs or meatloaf, or squeezes grated turmeric together with garlic and grated ginger in a garlic press and uses the resulting juice to finish dishes.

But turmeric is an acquired taste. danna adds some when juicing “for the purported health benefits,” but when she doesn’t add it, “the juice tastes SO much better,” she says. And be forewarned: It will stain “anything remotely porous” when raw, MikeG says.

Discuss: fresh turmeric root… how to use it?

Fresh turmeric image from Shutterstock

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