Fenugreek is an essential curry spice, says JungMann, who “balance[s] its bitterness and pungency by incorporating it into a spice blend.” In small quantities, it adds richness and complexity to curries, says pippimac, with a warning: Eat too much, and the smell oozes from your pores. Fenugreek seeds are an essential aromatic in Indian pickles like green mango and lime, says tastesgoodwhatisit.

If you want to experience the pure flavor of fenugreek, says JungMann, “you can make hilbeh, a traditional Yemeni condiment made from soaked and whipped fenugreek seeds. The airy dip is much milder than you would expect if you bit into a fenugreek seed.”

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Fenugreek seeds image from Shutterstock

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