It takes time and effort to make refried beans from scratch. Are they enough of an improvement over canned ones to be worth it?

Will Owen makes them from scratch sometimes. “To me it’s a lot like making a pot of chili just for chili dogs, when good canned chili works better,” he says. “Refried beans around here are more often a component of some dish than a dish all their own: bean burritos, bean dip, whatever. The canned ones, sometimes with a little spicing up, are perfect for this kind of thing.”

khh1138 thinks homemade refried beans are worth the time. “I like the irregular texture more of the homemade and the mix of creaminess and toothiness that I get,” plus it’s much cheaper to make your own. “I make my beans in a crock pot (pinto or black),” says crowmuncher. “I make a sofrito in my cast iron pan (garlic, serranos or jalapenos, lots of olive oil), add the beans and mash them with a potato masher. For a richer taste, I add Muenster cheese since I do not eat (or like the taste) of lard.”

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Photograph of refried beans by Chris Rochelle /

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