Following initial reports earlier this month, more Chowhounds are descending on San Gabriel’s brand-new northern Chinese joint, Sweethome Grill. Grilling is surely the kitchen’s forte, says J.L. “The grilled foods are beautifully seasoned and blissfully pungent, but not overly so.”

One surprise hit: grilled man tou (bao bread). It looks like garlic bread, “and one taste of this from the skewer had me completely hooked,” says J.L. The perfectly grilled oysters (pictured) are juicy, and fennel-infused grilled tilapia (from the wall menu) is aromatic and satisfying.

Sweethome’s fantastic noodles (already discussed in this post) are hand-pulled, thick, and chewy. They come in long, single strands, a sign of pulling skill. The chicken and noodles is among the San Gabriel Valley’s best, and the beef noodle soup alone is worth the trip.

“I live 2 blocks away and this is my new regular spot,” says andytseng: The spicing and style feel like Beijing, and the restaurant is open late.

Sweethome Grill [San Gabriel Valley]
402 E. Valley Bouelvard, San Gabriel

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Photograph of grilled oysters by J.L.

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