A hot night might not be ideal for a steaming bowl of soup, but for hhc, a recent balmy evening was the right time to check out Men Oh, a new Japanese ramen place in Union City.

No reservations are accepted for the small dining room, so prepare to wait if you arrive during prime time. The weeks-old restaurant offers only one type of ramen: Tokushima-style, which is characterized by thin, long noodles and rich pork broth.

The restaurant makes its own noodles off-site. The ramen bowl came with pork, pork belly, bamboo shoots, and green onion; they’ll also bring a raw egg if you ask for it.

Eventually, Men Oh plans to offer gyoza, chashu don, karaage, and other types of ramen. Good news for San Francisco dwellers is that the Japan-based chain plans to open another outlet on Geary Boulevard sometime in June.

Men Oh [East Bay]
34308 Alvarado Niles Road, Union City

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Photograph of Tokushima-style ramen by hhc

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