Chowhound Twists on Thousand Island Dressing

The base of Thousand Island dressing is mayonnaise and ketchup, to which most hounds add pickle relish or chopped sweet pickles. pikawicca sticks to her mother's formula: twice as much mayo as ketchup, with sweet pickle relish to taste. "Keep it simple," she counsels. Others add their own twists.

Some like to include a bit of spice. A little shot of Tabasco is "[n]ot exactly detectable, but makes a big difference," thinks monfrancisco. blue room mixes mayo and ketchup "until it is the right color pink," then adds chili powder. "Excellent on a wedge of plain light green lettuce," she says.

When GH1618 makes Thousand Island to dress crab Louis, he uses Crosse & Blackwell Seafood Cocktail Sauce in place of ketchup. For a twist, fourunder will add chopped olives and capers.

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Photograph of CHOW's Thousand Island Dressing by Chris Rochelle /

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