Foundry on Elm hasn’t received much Chowhound love in recent months, so rlh was apprehensive before a recent brunch at the Davis Square restaurant. It turns out there was no need to be worried: rlh was “pleasantly surprised” by the total experience—especially the eggs Benedict.

“The Croque Madame flavors were excellent on the fresh Iggy’s francese bread,” rlh says. “And the egg was perfectly cooked on top.” The eggs came with a side salad, which was “fresh and delicious with greens, fennel, and light dressing application.”

Service was great, the interior was comfortable, and the meal started off with warm cinnamon rolls—a “nice surprise.” When it comes to brunch, at least, rlh is apprehensive no more.

Foundry on Elm [Somerville]
255 Elm Street, Somerville

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