Michael Mina’s fried chicken, available at Stonehill Tavern in the St. Regis Monarch Beach hotel, has made an impression on cookie monster. “I’m pretty sure it was the best restaurant chicken I’ve ever had,” cookie monster says.

Mina’s creation is a whole fried Jidori chicken for two, served with long beans, truffled mac ‘n’ cheese, and sweet onion jus. “The breast was unbelievably moist and flavorful, and the skin didn’t have any of the rubberiness that I associate with every piece of chicken skin I’ve ever eaten before. It was crispy melt in your mouth essence of chicken,” says cookie monster. At $29 per person, it’s the cheapest entrée on the menu, and it could easily serve three. A great meal.

Stonehill Tavern [Orange County – Beaches]
1 Monarch Beach Resort, Dana Point

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