Xi’an Famous Foods—which introduced New Yorkers to liáng pí cold noodles and spicy, tingly lamb-face salad, among other western Chinese specialties—has taken a step up. Its month-old Flushing spin-off, Biáng!, offers several new dishes in an inviting sit-down space that’s a marked departure from the owners’ food-court roots.

A standout among the new offerings is skewered beef stomach served in spicy bean and sesame sauce. It’s “nice and soft with a little bit of bite,” says birdsandtogs. (Chicken, lamb, and wheat gluten skewers are also on offer.) Another winner is cubed pork blood, served cold under a topping of crushed garlic, chile oil, soy, vinegar, and cilantro. wewwew loves the crispy roasted quail, which comes atop Xi’an Famous Foods’ popular “tiger vegetables,” a bracing, bright green salad of chopped cilantro, scallions, and chiles. And one new dish (pictured) has a surprisingly fancy presentation: toasted slices of mantou (steamed bun) crowned with little patties of house-made spicy pork sausage and fried quail egg.

Biáng! also serves some of Xi’an’s greatest hits. The cumin lamb burger was birdsandtogs’ favorite bite, “sort of like a pulled pork sandwich but kicked up 10 notches.” And wewwew found the lamb-face salad, loaded with “enough Sichuan peppercorns and garlic to power a fever dream,” even zippier than at Xi’an’s various locations.

Biáng! [Flushing]
41-10 Main Street (between 41st Avenue and 41st Road), Flushing, Queens

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Photograph of liáng pí and sausage–quail egg buns by Robotron

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