“Boxed rice” is a takeout Chinese meal containing rice, meat, and vegetables, the very things that chocokitty‘s parents are looking for when they visit San Francisco. Melanie Wong urges them to look farther afield than Chinatown.

“For my favorite roast meats, Happy Bakery on Ocean Ave would be the place. … The roast duck is top notch, my favorite in the City, and I also like the empress chicken (made with yellow feathered heritage bird). The soy sauce chicken is made in two grades, a standard commercial chicken or with the heritage bird. The vegetable side is only sautéed cabbage I think, so this is more of a rice and meat fest.”

Happy Bakery [Outer Sunset]
1548 Ocean Avenue, San Francisco

Discuss: Where to find a good or great “boxed rice” in Chinatown?

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