First reports on Arabian Nights in the Mission point to it as a solid choice among Middle Eastern options in San Francisco.

“Having grown up on Middle Eastern home cooking, I can definitely say this is the real deal and one of the best Middle Eastern restaurants I’ve been to in the Bay Area, if not the best,” says vulber.

The cuisine is home-style—heavy on garlic, oil, and butter—and the menu includes a few dishes that are hard to find in the Bay Area, like kibbeh and kafta nayeh. drewskiSF visited with a group of 19 friends celebrating a birthday and was able to sample widely from the menu. Hits included a smoky baba ghanoush; a thick, powerful garlic sauce that was more paste than liquid; and the pita bread, which was puffy when warm, though it turned hard and dry as it cooled.

Some lamb chops were unevenly cooked, and the kitchen substituted an unidentified white, salty cheese for the promised halloumi on a cheese platter that also included bulghari and kashkawan.

“I would be very grumpy if someone subbed out Halloumi without telling me,” grayelf says. “I need the squeak!”

Arabian Nights [Mission District]
2345 Mission Street, San Francisco

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