A new fish tank improves the view of live seafood at an East Bay market, but are any of the lobsters worth a second look? gordon wing brings word both of new tanks at the 99 Ranch Market in Richmond and a recent $7.99-per-pound price for Maine lobsters.

wolfe wanted to know if any of the lobsters were smaller than 3 pounds, and little big al understands the concern: A showboating relative once shipped in a 9-pound leviathan that ended up being too tough to enjoy. Small young lobsters (called “chickens” when they weigh in at around 1 pound) are known for their tender, sweet meat.

teleme checked in at 99 Ranch and found the smallest lobster available that day: 2.5 pounds, according to the counter clerk. “I prefer a bit smaller, but it was still pretty tasty,” teleme says.

99 Ranch Market [East Bay]
3288 Pierce Street, Richmond

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Photograph of 99 Ranch lobster tank by gordon wing

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