Banh Mi Ngon opened this week in West Roxbury, and initial reports from local hounds are positive. The sandwich menu includes familiar banh mi choices like Vietnamese cold cuts and grilled meats, but also has some more unusual options, like shrimp paste, a tofu burger, and sardine.

The shrimp paste version is “a pretty good iteration of a classic banh mi,” devilham says. “A nice crusty roll, the shrimp paste was tasty, and the pickled veggies solid.” ML02132 enjoyed the classic Vietnamese cold cuts (with pork, ham, meatloaf, and pâté), along with a fresh spring roll. “Top notch all around, echoing the high marks for the bread,” ML02132 says.

Prices are a bit higher than those in Chinatown, but not by much: A banh mi is around $4.

Banh Mi Ngon [West Roxbury]
1759 Centre Street, West Roxbury

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Photograph by ML02132

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