XO Sauce, also called Hong Kong sauce, is a Cantonese sauce/condiment. It’s very pungent and is made with dried fish, scallops or shrimp and spices. Like anchovies, it will add depth of flavor to all sorts of dishes, from stir fries to BBQ sauce.

You can find it in Chinese markets. It tends to be expensive. It’s <a href=”http://www.amazon.com/XO-sauce-Lee-Kum-Kee/dp/B000F6G86E/sr=1-1/qid=1160432848/ref=sr_1_1/002-0755755-9075214?ie=UTF8&s=gourmet-food
”>$14 at Amazon.

Asian Food Grocer is another source for XO. SU says their XO sauce is amazing, and made almost entirely of dried scallops. You can choose spicy, or not.

Or, try making it for yourself with <a href=”http://www.chinesefooddiy.com/xo_sauce_hong_kong.htm
”>this recipe.

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